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Whole House Steam Humidifiers

With winter’s cold, dry weather blanketing the northeast, many people are turning up the heat to stay warm. A by-product of heating — especially with a forced-air system — can be an excessively dry home. This can cause a wide variety of issues that affect your quality of life. One of the ways to prevent this is to install a high-quality whole house steam humidifier.

How a whole house steam humidifier works

Quite simply, they inject moisture in the form of steam into the heated air flowing through your ducts, and a home that has optimal humidity levels offers three distinct advantages over those that don’t

  • A healthier home: a properly humidified home can help reduce the occurance or respiratory infections as well as symptoms related to allergies and asthma.
  • More comfort: excessively dry homes aren’t very comfortable and can lead to itchy, dry skin and exacerbate existing respiratory issues. A whole house steam humidifier ensures that your home’s moisture levels are perfectly matched to your needs.
  • Preservation: If you have a wood floors and cabinetry in your home, maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial to prevent fine woodwork from splitting or bowing.

It’s important to note that when you are considering the purchase of a whole house steam humidifier you should choose a high-quality unit such as the Aprilaire 800 series which uses electrode technology to introduce clean, sterile steam into your home. This is by far the healthiest way to introduce moisture into your home.

If your home isn’t properly humidified, it’s not too late to install a whole house humidifier. Simply speak to a trusted HVAC company, and they’ll help you make the right choice.

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