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Whole Home Steam Humidifiers

Last post we discussed the importance of proper humidity n your home and we touched on the two types of humidifiers — evaporative and steam. This week we’ll discuss whole home steam humidifiers and many of their important advantages.

How a whole home steam humidifier works

Simply put, to create steam, water needs to be heated. Most high quality steam humidifiers use electrode technology to create steam because it offers many benefits such as ease of maintenance, efficiency and cleanliness.

With electrode technology, current flows between submerged electrodes, and the resistance of the water to the electric current heats the water and creates steam. These electrodes are found in a replaceable canister, and at the end of humidifier season, the canister is replaced — there’s no cleaning, no scrubbing and no mess.

Steam is delivered into the airstream via a device called a dispersion tube, which is mounted inside the HVAC ductwork. Openings in the tube are fitted with small “tublets” which extend into the center of the tube to capture the highest quality steam to inject into the air stream. The design of this device distributes steam over a wide area in the duct and directs any condensed moisture back into the steam hose. This prevents excess water from forming or resting within the ducts.

Cleaner, safer humidification

One of the biggest advantages of steam humidification is superior air quality. The best steam humidifiers use sealed canisters that are completely sterile environments. This means that no mold or bacteria will be injected into your air stream. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of clean, healthy humidity all season long.

It is critical that when choosing a steam humidifier, you choose a high quality unit that assures clean, safe and efficient operation. Both Nortec and Aprilaire make superior quality units that will provide you with lasting comfort.

To learn more about humidifying your home, visit here.

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