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VRF Heat Pumps

VRF heat pumps — not familiar with them? Last week we discussed traditional heat pumps and how they can help you both heat and cool your home, expanding the capability of our HVAC system. We also drew attention to the fact that in colder climates, these units are inefficient and will not provide you with any noticeable heating advantages.

Introducing VRF Heat Pumps

Cutting-edge HVAC companies such as Daikin®, LG® and Mitsubishi have introduced VRF heat pump systems that offer more efficiency, cost effectiveness and value as compared to traditional systems.

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow (Note: Daikin uses the term VRV — Variable Refrigerant Volume), and the name describes exactly how these ultra modern systems work. These amazing systems are capable of serving multiple zones in a building, each with different heating and cooling needs.

Unlike traditional systems that deliver coolant on a singular on/off schedule, these ultra-modern VRF systems have the ability to control the amount of refrigerant sent to each zone in accordance with that zone’s heating and cooling requirements. This, along with other technological breakthroughs allow VRF systems to offer the following advantages over traditional systems:

  • More precise temperature control
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Excellent heat recovery charactaristics
  • Better efficiency than traditional systems
  • Custom-tailored zoned comfort

Because of their superior heat recovery characteristics, VRF heat pumps will work much better in a lower temperature environment than traditional heat pumps. That being said, you should still consult with your HVAC professional in order to determine if a VRF heat pump will work in your geographical region. VRF systems can be installed both in new constructions and in retrofit applications — they are an excellent choice when efficiency and precise temperature control are desired.

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