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What’s the difference between a programmable and smart thermostat?

Many consumers confuse the terms smart thermostat and programmable thermostat — often thinking that they are exactly the same in function and purpose. And while some of that is true, there are also profound differences between these two types of thermostats. Allow us to explain:

A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set your zone’s temperature for numerous different times during the week. For example, you can set a programmable thermostat to keep your home’s temperature lower when there’s no one in the house — or when everyone is asleep and a cooler temperature is desired. Conversely, you can raise the temperature during the weekends when you tend to be home. A programmable thermostat can help you save money by having your heating or cooling system on only when necessary.

A smart thermostat, sometimes called a wifi thermostat, builds on the basics of a programmable thermostat, but takes things to a cutting-edge level by providing a wealth of functions — below is just a small sample:

  • Control your heating and cooling schedules remotely via the internet
  • Many smart thermostats are “learning” devices and can learn your heating and cooling preferences and automatically adjust temperatures.
  • Automatic, location based temperature control, called “geofencing” analyzes local weather and adjusts temperatures accordingly.
  • Alerts sent to your phone for malfunctions, routine maintenance, etc.
  • Some smart thermostats have an adaptive recovery feature that learns how long it takes to achieve the right temperature at the right time and automatically runs your system to get to your desired temperature when you want it.

As you can see, there are numerous differences between a programmable thermostat and a smart thermostat. Which one is right for you? Seek the advice of a quality air conditioning contractor.

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