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Is your second floor hotter than your first?

Is your second floor hotter than your first? If you happen to live in a two-story home you may notice that during the height of the summer your second floor may seem hotter than the first — even when you have two separate zones for your air conditioning system. Below are some common reasons that your second floor may be hotter than the first:

  • Hot air lives upstairs: Because heat rises, your air conditioning system will have to work harder to convert hot air into cool air. If your downstairs unit isn’t working efficiently, some heat will escape and rise to the upstairs floors before your downstairs unit can capture it. Making sure your air conditioning system in top performing condition will reduce the likelihood of air escaping to the upstairs rooms.
  • Poor ductwork: Improperly designed, poorly insulated ductwork with poor seals will most certainly cause your air conditioning system to work harder in an attempt to cool your upstairs. As a matter of fact, this dangerous condition can cause great harm to your system. Make sure that your ductwork has been thoroughly inspected by a reputable HVAC technician to assure maximum efficiency.
  • Dirty Filters: We’ve stressed the importance of clean filters here and here and nowhere is it more important than in your upstairs air conditioning unit. Change your filters often to prevent damage and assure maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Poor window insulation: One of the biggest culprits in the loss of cooling power is a poorly insulated window. Cool air is always looking for a place to escape and a poorly designed and poorly insulated window provides the perfect opportunity for cool air to escape your home. Seal your windows thoroughly.
  • Fan set to Auto: When your fan is set to “auto”; it will only go on when your unit switches on. Try putting your fan setting to “on” to get constant airflow through the upstairs rooms. This will help mix the air more evenly.

In the end, if you are suffering from an abnormally warm upstairs — even if you have an air conditioning unit — it’s best to call a reliable, professional HVAC company to thoroughly diagnose the problem.

Second floor hotter than first

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