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Three reasons why your second floor is hotter than your first

Most of us know that heat rises and is one of the reasons the second floor of your home may seem much warmer than those below it. But did you know there are other factors involved that you may not be aware of? Below we’ll outline three additional reasons why your second floor may be hotter than the first:

  • Your air conditioning system: If your upstairs floors are hot and muggy — even with the air conditioner on— it could be that it can’t keep up with demand anymore. Call a licensed HVAC technician to get a full assessment of your system’s condition. This will let you know whether you need to replace/upgrade your system or simply replace a broken part. If you’ve recently replaced your system and your top floor is still too warm, it could be that it’s not properly sized for your home.
  • Ducts: Leaky ducts can develop over time — especially if they were poorly fabricated and installed. If you can see your ductwork (for example in your attic) and find leaks, you may be able to do a DIY repair with air conditioning duct mastic, but it’s better to call a pro and do it right. If you cannot find the leaks a qualified HVAC technician will have to run a pressure test to find/correct any hidden leaks.
  • Attic: On a hot summer afternoon, your attic can fill with superheated air. When that happens, you’ll need a strong barrier to keep the heat from radiating through the ceiling and warming up the rooms below. We usually think insulation is important during the winter, but it’s equally important during the summer months. Further, proper ventilation is critical, and your attic should have rafter and soffit vents to facilitate the escape of hot air.

Any of these the factors — or a combination of them — could be contributing to an excessively warm second floor. If you are unsure, make sure to call a licensed HVAC contractor for a full evaluation.

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