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Main Office: 516-799-0700  •  East End Office: 631-998-3308

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Now’s a Great Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Fall is the perfect time to replace your air conditioning system.

Summer is over, cooler weather is on the horizon, and many of us have turned off our air conditioning systems for the year. If your current system needed constant repair this summer or you’re looking to save on cooling costs next summer, now may may be the best time to replace your existing system. Below we’ll show you why this may be the best time to consider a replacement system:

  • Time is on your side: Because you won’t have an immediate demand for cooling, you will have more time to figure out exactly what system will be perfect for your home. You’ll also have time to educate yourself on all the latest AC technology because a lot has changed since you first installed your system. Call an experienced HVAC company that specializes in system replacement and discuss your needs and options.
  • You could save money on the install: Fall is a time where many contractors are in between heating and cooling seasons and could be much more available and more willing to work with you on pricing because they are slow. However, keep in mind the adage that “you get what you pay for.” If a price seems entirely too low, it could mean that shortcuts are being taken. Always research any contracting company you are interested in and never choose strictly on price.
  • Enjoy significant energy savings: The average AC system lasts about 14-16 years, and incredible gains in energy savings have occurred since the beginning of the 2000s. By replacing your system this fall, you can expect significant increases in energy efficiency for the summer of 2021.

Fall is a great time to make sure you are ready for a more comfortable summer next year. Call an HVAC expert and get a complete evaluation.

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