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R22 Refrigerant and Your Air Conditioning System
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Change is Coming: R22 Refrigerant and Your Air Conditioning System.

In recent years, the regulation of R22 refrigerant, commonly used in air conditioning systems, has significantly changed in New York. These changes stem from environmental concerns and are governed primarily by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Air Act. The Act mandates the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances, including R22, to protect the Earth’s ozone layer from further depletion. New York has gone further, aiming to ban R22 altogether by 2025.

How the Law Will Impact You

The implications of this regulatory shift for homeowners in New York are substantial. Firstly, the prices of R22 refrigerant have seen a steady increase due to its limited availability. As production decreases to comply with regulations, the cost of obtaining R22 will continue to rise. This price increase could render repairs and maintenance of R22-based systems increasingly costly for homeowners. Secondly, as R22 becomes scarcer, acquiring it to service existing systems will become progressively difficult, potentially leading to disruptions in cooling services during peak seasons.

What You Should Do

Given the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding R22 refrigerant, homeowners with air conditioning systems reliant on this substance are advised to take proactive measures. One option is to replace outdated systems with newer models that utilize alternative, environmentally friendly refrigerants. By investing in a modern system, homeowners can mitigate the impact of rising R22 prices and ensure compliance with current and future regulations. Speak to an HVAC professional about your options.

Alternatively, for those looking to extend the lifespan of their existing systems, retrofitting to accommodate alternative refrigerants may be a viable solution. However, it’s essential to consult with HVAC professionals to determine the feasibility and compatibility of such retrofitting measures.

What Happens If You Do Not Take Action

Failure to address the transition away from R22 refrigerant could adversely affect homeowners. As the phase-out and ultimate ban progresses, the costs of maintaining and repairing R22-based systems will escalate. Furthermore, with the dwindling availability of R22, homeowners may need help to procure refrigerant to service their systems, resulting in potential downtime and discomfort.

Moreover, delaying Action could lead to increased demand for alternative cooling solutions, driving up prices of new units. Consequently, homeowners who postpone upgrading or retrofitting their air conditioning systems may face higher expenses and operational challenges.


In conclusion, the impending banning of R22 refrigerant in New York underscores the importance of proactive planning and Action for homeowners. Whether through system replacement or retrofitting, now is the time to explore alternative cooling solutions that align with environmental regulations and ensure long-term comfort and affordability. By taking decisive steps today, homeowners can future-proof their homes against the challenges of the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding R22 refrigerant.

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