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Most common HVAC service calls

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5 Most Common HVAC Service Calls

Service calls are a large part of an HVAC contractor’s business, and many have dedicated service departments that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What keeps them so busy? We will show you by exploring the five most common reasons customers call for a repair of their heating or air conditioning system.

  1. No cooling: A typical call HVAC contractors receive is this: “My air conditioner isn’t cooling my home.” This type of complaint can mean many things, from broken parts to low refrigerant or even electrical problems. In such a situation, a specialist will need to come to your home, diagnose the problem, and get you back up and running.
  2. Not enough cooling: “My air conditioning system won’t reach the temperature I set on my thermostat” is a complaint contractors receive during the summer months. When this happens, a contractor can usually narrow the problem to clogged filters or condenser coil, low refrigerant level, or a defective part.
  3. No heating: “My heating system isn’t working” is another common complaint requiring a service call from a trained technician. Problems can range from fuel supply issues and dirty filters to a cracked heat exchanger. Most importantly, shut off your system and call your contractor immediately if you see smoke or smell gas.
  4. Blank thermostat: Contractors receive many calls with complaints of a blank thermostat. When you see a blank screen, sometimes it is due to something as simple as dead batteries. Other causes may require a service call, including a tripped water detection switch, no line voltage power to the air handling unit, or a defective low-voltage transformer.
  5. Air conditioner leaking water: “There’s a puddle around my air conditioner” is a call most contractors receive with regular frequency. Many times, it’s simply a clogged condensate drain or dirty air filters, but other problems may require an expert’s touch, such as a loss of refrigerant or a poorly mounted/out-of-level unit.

How to Avoid the Most Common HVAC Service Calls

It’s important to note that regular maintenance from a well-respected HVAC company is the key to avoiding most of the issues listed in this article. Furthermore, having a maintenance contract can help you make necessary repairs and maintenance visits more affordable.

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