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Heatng Season is Here. Is Your Furnace Running Properly?

How well your gas furnace is running impacts both your energy costs and your entire family’s health. Below are some ways you can ensure that your furnace will be ready for the heating season:

  • The first thing you should do is schedule a maintenance visit from a reliable licensed HVAC contractor. They are trained to spot minor problems, fix them before they become expensive, and ensure your furnace runs properly.

In-between inspections, you can evaluate your furnace’s condition by using three of your senses:

  • Use your eyes: Your gas furnace should not show signs of wear, rust, or soot deposits. Check the flame color; the color of a properly functioning furnace’s flame is blue. If your flame looks yellow, this may indicate it’s not getting the proper amount of oxygen and is creating carbon monoxide — a dangerous byproduct of poor combustion. Remember to look at your system’s air filters and make sure they are clean and free of obstruction — this is critical for peak performance and long furnace life. When replacing filters, always make sure to purchase high-quality air filters because they’ll trap more particulate matter and keep your furnace clean.
  • Use your ears: Furnaces do make some regular recurring noise, but noises such as loud pings, pops, and rumbles are most likely signs of trouble. If you hear any of these odd sounds, call your HVAC professional immediately and have them do a thorough inspection.
  • Use your nose:  If you haven’t fired up your furnace in a long time, you may smell a bit of dirt, dust, and smoke as residue burns off. However, if these smells continue for a long time, or you smell gas, shut off your furnace and call a professional.

You should perform these evaluations every month in between maintenance calls.

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