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Inverter technology

The Importance of Inverter Technology in Air Conditioning

Air conditioning technology has come a long way in the past 10-15 years. One of the biggest breakthroughs has been the use of inverter technology to control compressor function. Systems with this technology provide many benefits over traditional HVAC units.

How Inverter technology works

The compressor in a traditional HVAC system runs at a fixed speed, regardless of the demands placed on it. In other words, even if you only need a few degrees of heating or cooling, the compressor will run at full speed until it reaches the desired temperature, then it will shut off. These are the systems found in most homes, and what you are probably most familiar with.

Inverter technology uses a power inverter to change your home’s AC current to DC that allows a unit to have a variable frequency drive to control the speed of the compressor’s motor. In other words, the speed of the compressor is matched precisely to the demands placed on it.

Benefits of using Inverter technology

The two largest benefits of using this technology in your HVAC system are efficiency and comfort.

Where a traditional single-stage unit runs at full blast for shorter periods off time that results in frequent inefficient on/off cycles, an inverter powered unit with will run at a lower, more energy efficient speed for longer periods of time, avoiding energy consuming on/off cycles. This results in significant efficiency gains because frequent on/off cycles produce a tremendous amount of wasted energy.

Since inverter powered units run for longer periods of time, you will experience more a more comfortable, even temperature throughout your home. This is because these longer periods allow for better airflow and circulation throughout your home.

When it is time to upgrade your existing system, looking into inverter powered systems, such as the LG VRF line could be the smart way to replace and or/upgrade your existing system. Make sure to discuss this incredible technology with a qualified contractor who completely understands this important breakthrough.

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