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When it Comes to Indoor Humidity, Comfortable Winters Begin with Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating.

Maintaining proper indoor humidity is a critical part of creating comfortable home. In the New York and Long Island area, this can be particularly challenging during the fall and winter heating months. When cold outside air comes into your home and is heated to room temperature by your furnace, the relative humidity level drops significantly. In simple terms, relative humidity is the amount of water the air can hold at a given temperature; the warmer the air, the more water it can hold. For example, if 35 degree outside air with a relative humidity of 45% is heated to 70 degrees, the relative humidity could drop as low as 17% in your home. The Sahara desert is typically 17% relative humidity — that’s dry!

Dry indoor air can cause dry itchy skin, aggravate respiratory issues and create an unhealthy environment that can become a breeding ground for viruses and other airborne contaminants.

Our Total Home Comfort Team offers intelligent solutions to help you achieve optimal indoor humidity:

Steam Humidifiers — the Ideal Choice for Perfect Indoor Humidity.

We offer innovative steam humidifiers by Aprilaire and Nortec. These systems are designed to run independently of your HVAC system, delivering clean steam humidity to your home via existing ductwork. They do this by energizing two electrodes that extend into the humidifier’s water reservoir. The current flowing between these two electrodes causes the water to boil, creating steam. Humidity then flows through a hose and is injected into the moving air through a distribution tube. Because this system is completely closed, it delivers clean, safe steam, free of environmental contaminants.

Evaporative Humidifiers — Economical and Effective

For homeowners looking for an economical solution to home humidification, we offer evaporative humidifiers by Aprilaire. These devices work by passing air — either generated by the furnace or by an independent fan — through a moisturized wick and introducing it into the ductwork. Evaporative humidifiers offer, safe, effective humidification at a reasonable cost. And unlike other evaporative systems, our Aprilaire units use water vapor for mineral-free humidity, which is healthier and more trouble free than other humidifiers on the market.

Call the Total Comfort Team at Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating for a complete indoor humidity home evaluation. 

Serving New York City, Brooklyn and Select Long Island Locations:

Our reputation was built on servicing the most demanding high-end residential clients in the New York City area, and now we’re offering the same elite services to select Nassau County, Long Island Locations such as:

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