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HVAC Odors: The Nose Knows.

HVAC Odors. Are you experiencing them? Most homeowners know to call heating and air conditioning experts when their HVAC equipment starts leaking water, making noises or just ceases to function. But did you know that certain odors in your home could also be a signal to call an HVAC professional? Below are a few unpleasant odors that could mean your furnace needs servicing.

  • Gas or rotten eggs: Many of us already know the faint smell of gas, which can be the signal of a very dangerous situation. If you happen to smell gas emanating from your boiler, or even your ducts, it could be the sign of a gas leak in your furnace. It goes without saying that you should call your HVAC expert immediately. Some utilities in the United States infuse their gas with sulfur, which will give you a “rotten egg” smell. If this is the case, and you smell rotten eggs coming from your furnace or ducts, call an HVAC expert as soon as possible.
  • Electrical or burning: This could be the sign of many different problems with your furnace, air handler or condenser, such as overheating or poor wiring issues and other electrical defects. Shut off your system immediately and call an expert to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Mold and mildew: Improperly maintained air conditioning systems can cause condensation buildup. If not eliminated, this moisture can create an ideal growth environment for mold and mildew, which will eventually find its way through your ducts and into your home. If you flip on your air conditioning system and begin to smell mold or mildew, call your service expert so they can diagnose the problem make the necessary repairs.

Reducing the likelihood of HVAC odors, and even preventing them, comes down to proper servicing and maintenance of your HVAC equipment. Always have your equipment maintained and tuned up by a qualified HVAC expert before the start of every new season.

HVAC odors in your home

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