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Whole-Home Steam Humidifier

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Whole-Home Steam Humidifiers

During the winter months, the humidity in your home can drop significantly. Worse still, if you have a “forced-air” heating system, you may experience low humidity conditions, which can aggravate respiratory and dry skin issues. Fortunately, a whole-home steam humidifier is a great way to add much-needed humidity to your home. Units from reputable companies such as Nortec (now Condair) and Aprilaire are easily installed, require very little maintenance, and are virtually silent.

How a Whole-Home Steam Humidifier Works

The process is straightforward. A unit such as the Condair Humilife generates hygienic atmospheric steam by boiling water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). At this temperature, germs and bacteria in the water are effectively neutralized, providing pure water vapor to humidify indoor spaces.

The ‘clean’ water vapor is introduced into your forced air ventilation system to provide complete home humidity. As an added benefit, most whole-home steam humidifiers work directly with tap water, so you may never have to worry about the unit’s water supply.

Finally, most units offer fingertip control through an app so you can adjust your indoor humidity to an ideal level.

Getting Started with Whole-Home Steam Humidifiers

Many types of whole-home steam humidifiers are available on the market, and finding one perfect for your home can pose a challenge. The best thing to do is call a reputable HVAC company that specializes in indoor humidity. They will thoroughly assess your needs and install the unit that best matches them.

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