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Main Office: 516-799-0700  •  East End Office: 631-998-3308

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Heat Pumps are Good for Your Home, Your Wallet, and the Planet.

That’s a big statement, but it’s true — a heat pump is the most cost-effective way to handle both heating and cooling. Additionally, they are one of the best ways homeowners can reduce their overall carbon footprint.

What is a heat pump, and how can one benefit you — and the world?

In short, a heat pump is a two-way air conditioner. It functions like any AC unit in the summer, removing heat from your home’s interior and pushing cool air inside. They draw heat energy from the outside air and move it into your home in the winter, acting as a heater.

While the air conditioning portion of a heat pump offers the same efficiency as a standard AC unit, the real benefit occurs on the heating side. Heat pumps use half as much energy as any electric home-heating source. The key to this incredible efficiency is that a heat pump does not have to expend energy to create heat. Even gas-powered heat, which is efficient, cannot convert 100% of fuel into heat.

According to the Department of Energy, using a heat pump can save you an average of $1,000 per year compared to oil heat or $500.00 compared to electric heat. (Read more here)

Since heat pumps rely on only one energy source to operate (electricity), they consume fewer natural resources than gas or oil units that need both electricity and a fuel source to work. And since they do not have to use energy to generate heat, they consume less electricity than electric heat. This makes a heat pump a very “green” solution.

Is a heat pump right for me?

With more states looking to curb the use of fossil fuels for energy, now may be a great time to invest in a heat pump. Call Comfort today do a full assessment of your home and find out if a heat pump is the right solution for you.

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