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healthy Home Humidity Levels

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Healthy Home Humidity

Maintaining healthy home humidity levels throughout the year is critical to the health of both your family and your home. In this article, we’ll discuss how to achieve — and maintain these levels.

What is the Ideal Healthy Home Humidity Level?

Most experts agree that maintaining a humidity level of around 40-45 percent provides the optimal amount of moisture. If you go too far below (30 percent or lower), you may suffer from dry, itchy skin and increased allergy response. If you go too far above (50% or higher), you may experience moisture buildup on your windows, an increased chance for mold growth, and general discomfort. Chronically poor humidity levels can cause lasting damage to your home and your health, so you must do your best to maintain ideal conditions all year long.

Achieving Healthy Home Humidity

There are many ways to maintain proper humidity levels. During the hot, humid summer months, a well-maintained air conditioning system will eliminate excess moisture from your home. If you do not have air conditioning, strategically placed dehumidifier units are a good option.

Winter can produce excessively dry conditions in your home, and achieving ideal humidity levels can be a challenge. If you have forced-air heat, a great solution is a whole-home steam humidifier from companies such as Nortec and Aprilaire. These humidifiers integrate with your current heating system and automatically maintain proper humidity.

If you have baseboard heat, placing humidifiers throughout your home and utilizing ceiling fans to circulate humidified air can help you achieve a comfortable living environment.

If you have concerns about humidity levels in your home, speak to a qualified HVAC company that specializes in indoor air quality. They can design a program for you that will achieve maximum year-round comfort.

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