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Five Common Gas Furnace Problems — And What You Should Do About Them.

Much like any other mechanical device, a gas furnace will occasionally run into problems. These problems can be due to sudden mechanical failure, improper settings, or general wear and tear. Below we’ll show you five typical gas furnace problems and what you can do about them:

  1. Your gas furnace frequently turns on and off: It is not uncommon for a furnace to turn on and off to heat your home to the desired temperature. However, if your furnace repeatedly turns on and off and never achieves an adequate room temperature, you may be suffering from a ” short-cycling” problem. The most common reason for this is a dirty or clogged air filter which severely restricts airflow. To avoid this problem, Inspect and change your filters frequently. Call a licensed HVAC contractor if your filters are clean and you are experiencing short cycling.
  2. Your furnace is leaking water: Many high-efficiency furnaces contain a condensate pipe that routes water produced during the combustion process away from the heat exchanger and other vital parts. If this pipe gets clogged or the drainage system isn’t working correctly, you could have puddles or wet spots in the area. Call an HVAC expert immediately if you experience this problem.
  3. Improperly set thermostat: Many homeowners — even the most diligent among us — forget to change thermostat batteries, turn their thermostat to “heat,” or program their thermostat for the heating season. These are common mistakes; if your heat isn’t working, your thermostat is the first thing you should check.
  4. Your furnace is making unusual noises: All furnaces make noise, such as a clicking sound when it turns on or a low whooshing sound when it is running. But unusually loud clanking, knocking, and other irregular noises are cause for concern. Shut your furnace down immediately and call an expert. While the problem can be something as simple as a loose fitting, it could also be something more serious, so erring on the side of caution is the right approach in this situation.
  5. Faulty ignition system: There are a few reasons why your ignition system isn’t working as intended. You could have a fuel flow problem, a defective ignitor, or an airflow issue. Symptoms include your heating system not turning on or running intermittently for very short periods. If you suspect the ignition system is the culprit, check your air filters and your thermostat. You should call an HVAC technician for assistance if both are in good condition.

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