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The horizontal ducted mini split

In last week’s post, we gave you a general overview of a ductless mini split system, and explained that these systems are extremely flexible and can be adapted to a variety of situations. In this week’s post, we’ll the horizontal ducted mini split. That sounds like a mouthful, but it’s really not that complicated.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional ductless mini split system is purely aesthetic. Many homeowners do not like the idea of having the cooling unit attached to a wall and protruding into a room. With a horizontal ducted mini split system, you can eliminate having to see the bulky cooling unit and still enjoy the efficiency and zone control benefits of a ductless mini split.

How a horizontal ducted mini split works

Instead of attaching the mini air handler to an interior wall, a very low-profile unit is placed in a centralized location above the room or rooms you wish to cool. Coolant and electrical lines are run to the outdoor unit, and low profile, short run “mini ducts” are routed through the ceiling to the rooms you want to cool. The end result is a clean installation where only a small register for the cool air is placed in the ceiling.

But ceilings aren’t the only place you can install a horizontal ducted mini split system, and that’s what makes them incredibly flexible. Because of their extremely low profile and use of “mini ducts,” these systems can be placed in between floors as well — this opens up a wide range of possibilities for the homeowner.

A horizontal ducted mini split system is a great solution for cooling your whole home or simply creating a custom zone for when you add an extension to your existing home, you can even use to create a new zone in a home with traditional ducted air conditioning. The possibilities are endless.

Premier manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Daikin and LG all make horizontal ductless systems that are efficient, quiet and highly programmable. Speak to a knowledgeable HVAC company about technologically advanced option.

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Example of a ducted mini split unit. Photo courtesy of Mitsubishi

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