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Main Office: 516-799-0700  •  East End Office: 631-998-3308

Dirty Furnace Filters

Dirty Furnace Filters

Dirty furnace filters can be a severe problem for your heating system. They not only cause inadequate heating, but they can also create expensive mechanical failures. Even though many homeowners manage to replace their furnace filters on a set schedule, there are times when filters fail before scheduled maintenance.

Here are three reasons why your furnace filters may be clogging prematurely:

  1. Excessive pet hair is one of the biggest culprits in clogged and dirty furnace filters — especially if you own a pet that is known for excessive shedding. To prevent premature filter failure, make sure to brush your pet and vacuum your home regularly.
  2. Leaving your fan switch set to “on” may improve indoor air quality by continually circulating air and allowing the filters to trap particles. Doing this puts more demand on your filters, keeping them busy trapping particles day and night. A situation like this can lead to premature filter failure. Switching your fan setting to “auto” will certainly help extend the life of your filter but be aware your indoor air quality may be affected. Further, prolonged cold spells may also force your heating system to work continuously, which has a similar effect on your filters as leaving your thermostat on “auto.”
  3. A very high MERV rating for your filters means that they can trap particles much smaller than traditional filters, which may lead to premature clogging. It’s important to note that you should always use a filter with a MERV rating compatible with your furnace. Otherwise, you may damage your system. If you are unsure about the proper MERV rating for your furnace, please contact a skilled HVAC professional. To read more about MERV ratings, click here.

Remember, your furnace’s air filters are one of the essential components of your HVAC system, take care of them, and your system will take care of you!

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