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Looking for the Best Wifi Thermostat for Your Home? Call Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating.

A WiFi thermostat — also known as a wireless thermostat, smart thermostat, digital thermostat or internet thermostat — is a great option for homeowners seeking the highest level of heating and cooling control. It’s the ideal choice for busy families, second homes and those who do a great deal of traveling.

How Does a Wifi Thermostat Work?

A WiFi thermostat is connected to the Internet through an IP network. This allows you to remotely send instructions to a wifi thermostat directly from your computer, laptop, mobile device or even a specific web application. Depending on the type of smart thermostat you chose, these instructions can range from turning the thermostat on or off, changing scheduled programming and adjusting zone temperatures. The best digital thermostats allow you to completely interact with your home’s heating or cooling system from any remote location.

Comfort. Control. Convenience.

WiFi thermostats offer a wide range of options which allow you to monitor and control your indoor environment. Consider some of these great features found in many digital thermostats:

  • Make precise adjustments to your HVAC system over the internet — whether you’re on vacation, out to dinner or lounging by the pool.
  • Receive timely weather alerts so you can make any necessary adjustments
  • Filter change alerts help you keep your HVAC system at peak performance
  • Trouble free automatic updates to software and apps
  • Complete environmental can help save on energy costs

We carry a full line of Wifi Thermostats from top manufacturers such as Honeywell, Aprilaire, Sensi, Crestron and many others. If you’re considering installing a WiFi thermostat, call the experts at Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll help you pick the perfect solution for your home and personally teach you how to use it.

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Wifi Thermostat Company

We Proudly Install and Service Aprilaire™ WiFi Thermostats.

An Aprilaire WiFi Thermostat with IAQ Control provides convenience, flexibility and a wide range wide range of options to suit your specific needs. They have industry exclusive features such as event based air cleaning and ventilation, automatic dehumidifier control, temperature overrides for instant comfort — and so much more. Learn more by downloading  the brochure by clicking here.