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Avoiding bad HVAC companies

Bad HVAC companies can create costly headaches for both home and business owners, and learning how to avoid them is a critical part of finding the right company for your needs. Below are some practical tips to help you spot bad HVAC companies:

  • They use verbal estimates exclusively: If a contractor offers you only a verbal estimate, you should be wary. It’s perfectly acceptable for a contractor to give you a price range during an initial conversation, but when it comes down to making choices, a written estimate is a must. Never work with a company that only offers a verbal estimate.
  • Are they Better Business Bureau rated?: A+ rated companies have proven to be reliable and dedicated to performing a high-quality, professional job. Unethical companies will either have numerous complaints filed against them or will avoid being part of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Gauge sales pressure: Always be skeptical of a company that puts an inordinate amount of pressure on you to get an expensive job done right away. This is surely a sign of trouble. There are instances where you may truly need work to be done right away, but no reputable company will apply pressure tactics — they will give you an honest assessment and leave the decision to you.
  • Trust yourself: The term “gut feeling” applies here. If something seems off, or you have a bad feeling about the contractor you are dealing with, it’s best to move on to someone who doesn’t give you “bad vibes.” Trust your instincts — sometimes they are your best guide.
  • Check licenses, workman’s compensation and liability insurance: All reputable business will have these items in place. Furthermore it’s a good idea to check and see if your HVAC company is a member of professional organizations such as The Air Conditioning Contractors of America and The Mechanical Contractors of America.

Everyone deserves qualified and competent HVAC service. And if you spend a little time researching the companies you’re interested in, chances are you’ll end up picking one that is right for you.

Bad HVAC Companies

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