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Allergy season is coming — are you prepared?

It’s already the end of February and sunny spring will be here before you know it! But, if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer during allergy season, you may not be looking forward to the next few months of sneezing, coughing, and itchy, water eyes.

Allow us to share some good news with you…

Did you know that if you have a central AC system in your house, you could make your home a sanctuary — virtually free from the allergens that cause you so much distress?

The past 15 years have seen incredible growth in indoor air quality technology, and many reputable companies offer effective solutions that eliminate up to 99% of all indoor air contaminants — including those allergens that make springtime unbearable for many.

Below are some of the excellent indoor air quality technologies available today:

  • Trane CleanEffects Air filter: This is one of the most effective systems available. It uses a patented ifD corona field to charge particles in the air. These particles then stick to a collection grid instead of circulating through the air.
  • REME/HALO Air Purifiers: These purifiers use harmless hydro-peroxide ions that bond to indoor contaminants and neutralize them.
  • RGF “Blue” UV Lights: These lights are installed directly over the coils of your air handling unit and use UV light to neutralize contaminants.

To find out which technology is best for your home, speak to a qualified HVAC contractor who has extensive experience with indoor air quality.

To learn more about improving your indoor air quality during allergy season — go here.

Allergy season air quality

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