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Main Office: 516-799-0700  •  East End Office: 631-998-3308

Air Purifier - Do You Need One?

Five Reasons to Install a Whole-home Air Purifier

Installing a whole-home air purifier can help you achieve significant indoor air quality improvements. And while using these devices won’t guarantee that you’ll never get sick, you could see substantial benefits — especially if you have respiratory conditions. Below are five reasons you should consider a whole-home air purifier.

  1. You have respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma: Many particles that trigger allergy attacks or asthma can be trapped by a high-quality air purification system.
  2. You have pets: When pets shed, they release dander and skin particles into the air. If you don’t have an air purifier/filter, these particles will recirculate through your home, and some of them will end up in your lungs. Further, if your furry friend is an indoor/outdoor pet, you can be sure that they will be bringing allergens in with them.
  3. You smoke or live with a smoker: The particulates that make up second-hand smoke can have significant adverse effects on your health. If you are a smoker, you can help protect your family from second-hand smoke by installing an air purification system.
  4. You live near a construction area: Keeping your windows closed during heavy construction is a good idea that will keep out many airborne contaminants. And adding a whole-home air purifier can do an excellent job of capturing particles that slip past your closed windows and doors.
  5. You have kids: You can have the cleanest kids in the world, but when they go to school or go out to play, you can be sure that they will bring home lots of dirt, dust, and other contaminants. An air purification system can help capture the pollutants they bring home.

It’s important to note that to achieve the highest indoor air quality, you need a complete system that kills both living organisms and traps harmful particulate matter. For example, by pairing the organism killing power of ion technology found in the Reme HALO system with a particle trapping MERV-13 filtration system, you will achieve incredible results.

It’s crucial that you speak to an HVAC professional to determine your exact quality needs. To learn more about indoor air quality, visit here.

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