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Air Conditioning Coils
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Make sure your air conditioning coils are clean

Are your air conditioning coils clean? If you have an air conditioning system that runs year round — as AC in the summer and a heat pump in the winter — it is especially important to keep up with regular maintenance. Without such maintenance, the air conditioning coils, which are the heart of the system, will often fail to function properly.

There are two primary air conditioning coils: the evaporator coil, inside your air handler, and the condenser coil, which is located in your outside unit. It is critical that both the coils remain clean and free of debris at all times.

What happens when air conditioning coils are dirty?

Dirty coils will have a dramatic effect on your heating and cooling capabilities. If the evaporator coil is dirty, the system will have trouble drawing the proper amount of heat or cold out of the air. Efficiency will drop significantly and you’ll not only end up with increased costs, but you can also potentially cause damage. Many times the coil will get too cold, causing condensation to freeze up and put strain on your system.

If the condenser coil is dirty — often covered with outside debris such as grass clippings, tree branches, etc. — then it is going to struggle to expel heat or cold air from the unit, causing the same problems as a dirty evaporator coil.

If you see any telltale signs of a dirty coil, such as frozen pipes or improper heating or cooling, call a qualified HVAC technician immediately for proper diagnosis and repair.

How to prevent dirty coils

The key to preventing dirty coils is vigilance. To protect the evaporator coil, inspect and change your system’s filters on a regular basis. To keep your condenser coil working properly, make sure the outside unit is free of dirt and debris.

By keeping your air conditioning coils clean you can expect greater efficiency and longer life from your HVAC system.

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