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3 signs that tell you it may be time to replace your AC system.

We know it can be difficult to admit that it is time to get rid of the trusty HVAC unit that has served you well for many years. Much like your favorite car, or other big ticket item, sometimes it’s time to admit that you need to purchase a new one. Below are 3 signs that tell you it may be time to replace your AC system.

  1. Your current unit is not as efficient as a newer unit: One of the main reasons for replacing older equipment that is still running is that energy efficiency has improved immensely over the past 10 years. What may have been state of the art 15 years ago is now considered inefficient. Your 15-year-old 10 SEER unit may still be running, but it is nowhere near as efficient as one of today’s 25 SEER models. Replacing your old unit can result in significant cost savings.
  2. Your AC unit is running on R22: R-22, also referred to as Freon, is a refrigerant that was frequently used in AC systems for years. In 2010, the EPA declared it dangerous for the environment and mandated the gradual phase out of R22 by 2020. This means that eventually there will be no way to recharge your AC unit, and if there is an R22 left, it will be quite expensive.
  3. Your AC repair costs are increasing: If expenses related to your AC are on the rise but your use hasn’t changed, it could be a sign that your system is not working efficiently, and it is time to replace it. When major parts such as your condenser or compressor start breaking frequently, it can become quite costly to repair them. And if you’ve noticed that calls to your HVAC company for repairs have increased over the past year or so, it may be a sign that your system has reached the end of its lifespan.

Knowing when the right time to replace your HVAC system can be difficult, but if you sit down, do a cost/benefit analysis and then speak to a trusted HVAC company, you should have no problem making the right decision.

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