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Main Office: 516-799-0700  •  East End Office: 631-998-3308

Is Your AC Running Constantly?

Is your air AC running constantly? We certainly hope not, because that will increase your operating costs dramatically and may be a sign of trouble somewhere within your system. If this trouble condition continues without being addressed, your air conditioning system could experience a catastrophic breakdown.

Here are five possible reasons why your AC is running constantly:

  1.  Improper sizing: A unit that is too small for your home is going to have to work overtime to cool your space.  This will lead to a near-constant state of running which could eventually lead to a breakdown. Improperly sized ductwork could also result in your system having to work overtime because ducts that are too small or large will not deliver cool air effectively. There’s not much a homeowner can do about this, other than call an HVAC contractor and replace the improperly sized items.
  2. Are your filters dirty? When was the last time you checked your air conditioner’s filters? If it’s been quite a while, chances are the filters are probably clogged with debris and your airflow is severely restricted. If this is the case, you AC will be working overtime to try and cool your home. Check your filters regularly and replace as necessary.
  3. Are your coils dirty? Condenser coils covered in grass clippings and other outdoor debris can restrict airflow and cause your system to work overtime, and the same goes for your system’s evaporator coils — if they are covered in dust and dirt, your system will be compromised and run more than it should. If you are unsure of how to access your evaporator coils, call a qualified AC technician for an evaluation.
  4. Bad thermostat: Check your thermostat thoroughly. A simple battery change could solve your constantly running AC problem. Or if you have a programmable thermostat, make sure your on/off schedule is correct. Sometimes thermostats just break, and you’ll need to replace it.
  5. Air leaks: If you are losing cool air from your home due to air leaks or poor insulation, your air conditioner is going to be constantly running to replace that lost air. Addressing the leaks will be necessary to rectify this.
Avoid expensive damage, don’t get caught with your AC running constantly. Be diligent about your maintenance!

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