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AC Fan Settings — Which One is Right for You?

There are many different parts to your home’s air conditioning system and each has an important role to play in cooling your home. One of these parts is the fan — which is integral to circulating cool air throughout your home.

Most home thermostats have two AC fan settings: “Auto” and “On,” and knowing which to setting to use can confusion with homeowners who don’t really understand how their air conditioning system works. Below you’ll find some practical advice on choosing the right setting for your home.

Defining the AC Fan Settings

  • Auto”: When set to “auto,” the fan will only work when the air conditioning system is actually providing cooling to your home.
  •  “On”: This setting means that the fan is on and constantly pushing air through the ductwork, whether the AC system is in cooling mode or not.

Choosing a Setting

A major benefit to using the Auto setting is that you will save energy by making automatically shutting the fan is off when you aren’t cooling the house. Furthermore, you will be saving wear and tear on your fan motor because it won’t be running all the time. Two of the drawbacks with this setting are that air can become stagnant and feel less “fresh” in-between cooling cycles and you will not experience air filtration during non-cooling times.

The On setting is an ideal choice for those who put a premium on air quality — such as those with respiratory issues and allergies. Since the fan will be blowing all the time, your air quality should remain excellent, providing you are using a quality air filter such as the Trane® Clean Effects™ Air Filter. The downside is that you will see increased electrical costs and additional strain on your fan.

In the end, it’s up to you to choose which setting gives you the benefits you are looking for. If you are looking for even more control and customization, there are options to choose from such as a variable speed blower or even connecting your system to a smart thermostat that can give you more than two fan settings.

If you are not sure which setting is best for you, contact your HVAC professional, they can offer the advice and experience to help you make the right choice.

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